3 Simple Questions About Your Future Web Site

Right before I meet with a prospective client for the first time, about 75% of the time, they send me an email that says:

"So, is there anything I should prepare ahead of time? What should I have to show you?"

These always turn out to be the our best, most thoughtful clients throughout the entire process, and I want to reach out here to anyone in that same position -- ready to start the process of building their first web site (or even overhauling their current web site!), but not sure how to wrap their minds around what will surely be at minimum a huge part of their marketing efforts. The infographic below distills the process into the three most important questions to ask yourself about your new website.

infographic guide to your first web site

Want more detail? We've written previous blog posts to help you answer "How Does It Look?," "What's On It?" and "What Does It Do?" Now start planning!


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