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happy people with blue backgroundIn the 1950s, journalist Edward R. Murrow hosted a radio program called This I Believe, sharing a daily distillation of one person's deeply held principles. The show was revived in the early 2000s on National Public Radio and as a national non-profit organization to collect essays and stories from today about people's core values. I was always intrigued by what I heard on the show, everything from the spiritual definitions of life's meaning to the conviction that one's mother's cooking is superior to the cooking of anyone else on earth. Both types of values are important and influence the decisions of the people who commit to them. Having taken the time to articulate their beliefs helped make these folks even more resolute.

When I think about what that means for myself as a business owner and as an agent for change through my business, I realize that feeling strongly about what I believe makes me better at my job. These things distinguish me -- and Jebraweb -- from a horde of web consultants and developers working today.

And so, I submit to you as our first blog post for Jebrawebbed, a list of what I believe. This is a result of many years of watching my clients show me what they believe, of finding what works for me and them, of learning what about my career works for my family, and of making decisions that allow me to stay true to the list below.

This I believe:

  • that nothing Jebraweb does will ever feel right if it is not in support of something bigger than profit
  • that we should never create a scenario for our clients that leaves them dependent on us
  • that open-source software is the most ethical choice for ourselves and our clients
  • that recognizing my clients as human beings with personal lives is important
  • that admitting to my clients that I am more than a business is also important
  • that chocolate chip cookies and cafe mochas are indispensable business tools

In the coming weeks, I'll be telling you more about each of these beliefs. Once we've discussed them in detail (yes, even the cookies!), you'll start seeing posts about more of the nitty-gritty of our work -- things like tools we love to use, trends in web design and social media, and non-profit organizations we especially love. My goal is for this to be a non-geek-friendly blog -- so don't worry if Facebook itself is a trial to your technical expertise. I'll keep it accessible, conversational, and hopefully fun to read. As always, please feel free to write to me on our Jebraweb Facebook page, or shout out to me on Twitter. I'm looking forward to sharing with and learning from you.


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