We have had the chance to work with some wonderful, giving, soulful organizations. Whether they are non-profit organizations or small businesses with big hopes for their communities, all of them have one thing in common: they make the world a better place. We're not out to work with huge corporations or chain stores. The work that our clients do gives their lives meaning, and through their work, ours has meaning too.


  • Main Line Unitarian Church (www.mluc.org)

    www.mluc.org screen shotMain Line Unitarian Church first came to Jebraweb in 2010 with an RFP for a full-featured site to support their growing and thriving spiritual congregation in Devon, PA. Jebraweb worked with the MLUC team to develop a beautiful and simple design that allowed them to feature their own photography and content. The site implementation in Joomla allowed MLUC to maintain their own content: regular newsletters, a customized and full-featured ICAL-enabled calendar, many different contact and registration forms, and more. We've been working steadily with MLUC ever since as they roll out new technologies. This Joomla site is on its third incarnation!

    Best thing about working with MLUC: Their office staff is on top of every bit of content on this large site! They do a great job of utilizing Joomla to its fullest potential, including upgrading from 1.5 to 2.5 in 2012, adding a search engine in 2013, and transitioning their events calendar in 2015. We can always count on them to carefully consider the technology needs of their congregation without attempting to add bells and whistles for their own sake. We look forward to working with MLUC for years to come!

  • Cures Within Reach (www.cureswithinreach.org)

    www.cureswithinreach.org screen shotCures Within Reach had a functional but difficult to navigate web site that needed updating quickly before a major fundraising initiative launched. The organization had been working with a software-as-service content management system that just did not offer them the customization they needed. We worked with their tireless project team to develop a site that incorporated their new branding, a large number of scientific articles and research notes, and a new information architecture that made the site easier to use. Cures Within Reach launched the site in record time, and now researchers, patients, and physicians can find what they need to speed along the process of repurposing medical therapies for rare diseases.

    Best thing about working with Cures Within Reach? It's too hard to pick one thing. Jebraweb's founder is the parent of a child with a rare disease, so for her, one of the best things was being able to provide a discounted rate to this 501c3 organization so that they could communicate more easily with their constituents. In general, though, we loved working with Cures Within Reach's Director of Advancement, who had the fastest learning curve on Joomla of anyone we've ever seen before. In just a week, she was working with such ease that we wished we could hire her away to work for us!

  • Kidz N Moms Natural Energy Healing (www.kidznmoms.com)

    Kidz N Moms web site Samana Jasper, a holistic physical therapist, came to us with a thriving and well-loved blog and basic web site that needed redesigning to better reflect her gentle aesthetic, calming and charming new office space, and her increased use of social media to promote her services, classes and workshops. With a stable of very happy clients who were more than willing to share their praises of her work, we redesigned her site to make good use of all those glowing testimonials. Her new logo provided the perfect color palette for this new online presence. In the end, her launch included a giveaway that encouraged site users to browse the site and find the secret gems to be entered into a jewelry giveaway. Now, Samana has the tools to keep this site vital and maintain her blog easily.

    Best thing about working with Kidz N Moms? Lots of great parenting advice! Jebraweb is founded and owned by a mom, and working on the site put her in contact with a large blog archive and list of parenting resources. Some wonderful ideas can be found on the Kidz N Moms web site!

  • School for Little Children (www.slcevanston.org)

    school for little children web siteThe School for Little Children is a not-for-profit preschool in Evanston, IL. Their existing web site was lovingly maintained and packed with tons of tremendously useful information -- all it needed was an aesthetic redesign. The dedicated staff worked hard to create a new site architecture that would be easier for parents -- existing and prospective -- to find what they needed, and we worked together to come up with a design that reflected the creative, child-centered, and loving atmosphere of their school. Jebraweb spent time onsite taking photographs of the facilities and students, but the best photos came from the student art that serves as the inspiring decor in every corner of the school. In fact, the site's header comes directly from student art! In the end, SLC found themselves proudly maintaining a site that illustrates their mission, curriculum, and values beautifully -- and they maintain it 100% by themselves, including downloadable registration forms and a regular event calendar. Way to go, SLC!

    Best part about working with the School for Little Children? The color! This is the happiest web site in our portfolio. We loved finding photographs for their pages, seeing the smiling faces of their students, and knowing that the staff behind this vibrant preschool is so deeply dedicated to providing a space where children are encouraged to be themselves.
  • Hip Circle Studio (www.hipcirclestudio.com)

    www.hipcirclestudio.com thumbnailHip Circle Studio is more than a fitness studio for women and families. It's a hub of community activity, from women's business networking to knitting meetups to empowering dance performances. Malik Turley came to Jebraweb to move her site from Drupal to WordPress, and the result is a site that reflects the studio's clean and cool aesthetic and incorporates her studio management software seamlessly.

    Best part about working with Hip Circle Studio? I talk a lot about how a business can have a mission bigger than profit, and nowhere is that clearer than in my work with Hip Circle. Malik's mission is in empowering women of all ages to embrace body positivity and the confidence that comes with chasing their dreams with purpose. She is an outright inspiration!

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