Non-Profit Clients

hand holding note saying do the right thingWe are truly honored to work with the following not-for-profit organizations whose work is meaningful in so many ways. From encouraging life-saving medical research to supporting faith communities to providing all kinds of community services in their towns and neighborhoods, our clients make real differences in the lives of the people they touch. We proudly offer our services at a discounted rate to non-profit organizations so that more of their resources can be directed toward their own missions.

Children's Immigration Law Academy -- strategy, WordPress theme customization, WordPress implementation, design, SalesForce integration

Leading Learning Exchange - strategy, WordPress theme customization, WordPress implementation, design

Friends of Chris Larson -- WordPress maintenance

CureAccelerator™ - strategy, vendor selection, user testing

Cures Within Reach - Design, Joomla template development, Joomla implementation, multiple blog layouts, search

Main Street Station Merchants Association - Upgrade of site to stable version of Joomla, template development, implementation of business directory system

Main Line Unitarian Church - Design, site architecture, Joomla template development, Joomla implementation, custom component implementation including calendar, forms, podcasts, and photo gallery

Meals at Home - Site strategy, design, and launch; conversion to Joomla; Joomla upgrades; Board Members Only site; Joomla training for Board of Directors

Literature for All of Us - site triage

School for Little Children - Design, photography, site architecture, Joomla template development, Joomla implementation, calendar component implementation

Oakton Elementary School PTA - Design, site architecture, implementation in Joomla, multi-language site (English and Spanish), contact forms, launch

Connections for the Homeless - Conversion of existing site to Joomla, Joomla training for staff

Día de los Niños - Registration forms, searchable/browsable event database

The American Library Association - Registration forms, surveys, online databases

The Public Library Association - Course registration forms

I Love Libraries - Site strategy, content management, web content development, searchable online media database

The Reference and User Services Association - Searchable online publications catalog

Adoption Learning Partners - Extranet report generation, web strategy consulting

Montessori Children's Schoolhouse - Site strategy, page layout, site triage

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