Small Business Clients

main street evanston logoWorking with small businesses falls solidly within our mission as a company. Our goal is to work only with businesses that have a mission and purpose that goes beyond profit into something larger. Our small business clients are building something more precious than an income source -- they're building their dreams, from a wholistic physical therapy practice to an educational book company to a community dental practice. They inspire us to serve them the way they serve their own customers.

Jebraweb is a proud member of Evanston, IL's Main Street Station Business Association, a group of local business owners in the neighborhood that is home to Jebraweb's HQ. If we're meeting with you over coffee, you can bet it will be on Main Street.

Dee Sproule -- WordPress implementation

RG Adoption Consulting - WordPress maintenance 

FeeBelly -- WordPress implementation

Mango Pickle Bistro -- strategy

RG Adoption Consulting -- strategy, WordPress maintenance

Tsamis Law -- strategy, design, WordPress implementation

Advanced Dental of Dyer, IN -- Site strategy, design, implementation, integration with Dentrix, transition to WordPress

Marilyn Egel, LCSW -- Site strategy, design, WordPress implementation

Centered Psychotherapy -- strategy, design, WordPress implementation

Sutton Studios -- strategy, web site redesign in WordPress

Elizabeth Kline Designs -- strategy, web site redesign in WordPress

Air-Drive -- web site triage, WordPress re-theming, SEO implementation

Arka Pana Consulting -- web site triage, design, SEO implementation, WordPress re-theming

Talent.Imperative - Site strategy, triage, contact forms & launch

Hip Circle Studio - Site strategy, design, WordPress architecture & implementation

Smylie Bros. Brewing Company -- Site triage, social media integration

Ziliak Law -- Site maintenance in WordPress

Vibrations Coaching -- Strategy, code editing, site transfer and design triage, contact forms

The INK Think Tank - Site strategy, database development, search tool, online administrator

A Meaningful Day - Site strategy and design


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