stairs outsideClients have come to us at literally every stage of the web site life cycle:

  • starting from scratch with their first site;
  • mid-way through a site design process;
  • adding content and functionality to an existing site;
  • ready to re-design and re-think;
  • looking for help maintaining what they already have and love.

Our goal is always to help our clients get to a point where they can sustain their web presence themselves. We don't believe in the slow leak of money out to your web consultant. We would rather teach our often cash-strapped clients to keep their content updated, social media buzzing, and blog written. All of our services keep this "teach a man to fish" philosophy in mind.

Web Site Triage

Is your site oozing problems? Can't find your last developer/designer? Made it yourself, and now you don't know how to fix it? These are three very common scenarios that come across our screens. We can stop the bleeding, bandage the abrasions, and get your site functional and readable while you take a breath to consider the next strategic step. Some of our clients' sites heal quickly and completely, while others use triage as a way to get to know our style and services before embarking on a full-scale redesign with us. Either way, if you've got a web site emergency, we're ready to help.

Web strategy consultations 

Where do you want to go with your online presence? Whether you're contemplating creating a web site for the first time, redesigning an existing site, or trying to figure out the next online technology to add, we can sit down with you and help you figure it out. Then, together, we can develop a plan that works.

Site design/redesign and layout

Want a clean, easy-to-read, easy-to-use look for your site? We like things simple and elegant, and can either work with your existing identity materials or develop something brand new.

Joomla and WordPress Open Source Content Management Systems

We love, love, love, LOVE Joomla, an open-source content management system that is flexible enough to allow a site to look and work exactly how you want, but easy enough for our non-technical clients to manage themselves once the site launches. We can install, configure, and train you on Joomla, and you can talk to some of our favorite clients about how easy they've found it to keep things running later. Most importantly, open-source software by definition is always growing, and the Joomla community works hard to provide this software for free, making it the perfect choice for non-profit organizations and small businesses.

WordPress is another system that has taken a huge market share in recent years. Originally built as a blogging platform, WordPress has expanded its capabilities while maintaining a very user-friendly look-and-feel, making it the ideal solution for a simple site with few complex needs. Our small-business clients love using WordPress, and we enjoy offering WordPress sites as an affordable option for basic sites.

Maintenance plans to fit your needs

While we always want to empower our clients to manage their web presence themselves, there are some times when a period of sustained help is just the ticket. We can set up monthly or on-demand maintenance plans so that your online content will never be stale.

The bottom line? You know your business best, and you know what you want to get out of your web presence. After years of consulting, we know how to ask the right questions so that the end result is an online experience for your users that reflects your organization's mission. If you'd like to get started, let's start with a 15 minute conversation by phone. Check our contact page for more information.

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