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Jebraweb can take over many of your most time-consuming web site tasks. Doesn't that sound like the best idea you've heard in months?


We all know that owning a web site requires upkeep. There are plugins and modules and widgets to update. There are comments to moderate. There are dates to change, news to share, and blog posts to add that, frankly, seemed much more managable when you wrote your content plan two years ago. Now, the list of things you really should do is so long that you're not sure if your content plan is even worth the effort.


Of course, you know in your heart that these things have to get done -- but maybe, just maybe, they don't need to be done by YOU. That's where monthly maintenance contracts make the most sense.

What Can We Take Off Your To-Do List?

  1. We Can Upload Your New Blog Post. 

    Many of our clients are great at writing the text for their blog posts but just don't have the time to remember a web site login, paste in the text, copy edit it, publish it, and make sure it looks ok when people share it on social media. Send us the text of your post and let us do the rest.

  2. We Can Find Great Photos for Your Site.

    Remember, search engines love it when your blog posts and other site content include relevant images, but it can take time to find just the right image. We are great at finding free or reasonably-priced stock photography that's just perfect for your content, and we can keep up with the optimal image sizes for the social networks where your content is shared the most.

  3. We Can Keep Your Site's Software Updated.

    Have you ever logged into WordPress or Joomla and noticed bright red warning text, telling you that you have 17 plugins, modules, or components that need updating? Does that worry you? After all, we've all had the experience of doing a phone update and losing data, passwords, or functionality -- so sometimes, we just opt to live with outdated software. In your web site's software, however, ignoring these updates leaves your site vulnerable to hacking. Jebraweb can manage these updates for you on a regular basis, including taking and storing regular backups of your site.

  4. We Can Fix The Little Things That Bug You.

    You have that list somewhere -- all site owners do. It might be on a sticky note or a text file on your computer's desktop, but it says things like "typo on services page" and "broken link to news article" and "link text is too blue." Hand that list over -- we'll take care of all those things that you haven't had time to manage.

  5. We Can Manage the Comments on Your Blog Posts.

    Comments on your blog posts come in several flavors: useful and worth a response, friendly high-fives that need acknowledgement, and spammy garbage that needs to be deleted. Do you want to spend time dealing with the sorting and management of these comments? We're happy to stay on top of comments to your blog and alert you to any that need your expert response.

  6. We Can Research Your Next Big (or Little) Web Project.

    You say you wish you could connect your web site to your contact management database? You're looking for a way to set up event registration on your site but don't know where to start? Jebraweb can do the legwork on this one. Tell us your dreams and we'll find out how to make them a reality.

How Does It Work?

With our maintenance plans, you're guaranteed a 2 business day turnaround on your requests. In response, you pay monthly for a set number of hours regardless of whether you use them. Our maintenance contracts begin at 6 months and allow you to choose as few or as many hours a month as you'd like at a discount from our customary hourly rate:

 blue smThree Hours Per Month

 10% discount per hour

 blue smSix Hours Per Month

 15% discount per hour

 blue smTen Hours Per Month

 20% discount per hour

Does the idea of having someone else handle these things make you giddy? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We can talk about the plan that's best for you and get started right away. 

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